I’d sit down with you and tell you stories; in parts or as a whole,
I’d look at you, gazing at parts of me that you stole,
or I’d say yet to –

But I want you to know there are times when you’re an almost to me,
Hope in your heart, kindness in your eyes; the only things that set me free;
Only if you never give up on these,
I promise, I will stay by your side, then be it salty winds or an ocean breeze.friendsforever606

Stay affirm, stay you;
give up on things that take you from you,
believe me when I say it: you’ve a heart carved as a gem;
So don’t let it run brittle or weak, because of me or them,
you need to stay strong and on your feet,
Just know I want to love you for your generosity, kindness and purity;
So learn this speech before we shall meet,

– Your friend forever.


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