Rubber Gloved

img_6262I’m writing this with a broken heart but hopes still aflame, once you read through it, know I’ve always wanted things like these to end with your name.

I talk to you and indecisiveness pours in; your words – they burn the best parts of me; at times I’m clueless as to what I want from you. You don’t know how many times I wanted tell you how I really felt, but I didn’t.
I really hope that one day you just have an epiphany, and you realise what you mean to me; a galaxy in this cosmos and a sea in the ocean, you’re all I have ever loved. I hope you see it in my eyes one day, how hard It is for me to hide, making it seem all so rubber gloved.
I hope I don’t let me down, the way I’ve let my hopes down for you, and I hope before I let it all completely down, you could hint at least a single trace of my love for you, even if a little rusty and brown.



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