I am in an open casket; silent and mistaken. 

This is the last time I’m sending you love; in slumber but awaken. 

I want you to know that you’re a hero with gleaming dreams and glowing hope,

Without me or with me, I know my son you would cope.

For my daughter who breathes fire, and who could set hearts aflame;

I want you to know that your wild is beautiful; shush all the storms and withhold no shame.

This is for the times to come, for the moments already ambushed, and instances that dare to escalate,

As I step ahead to heaven’s gate,

I carry forth the love I have for the two of you; forsaking all my sorrows and blues.

God has a plan for me, but for you is only a reminder left;

Remember that I taught you to love too much, too graciously,

To abscond your fears and pour efforts all very tenaciously.

Also for everything anyone does wrong, remember one thing they do right; 

Be forgiving and gentle, openhanded and splendid like starry nights. 

Remember everything I tell you,

hold onto it with integrity and virtue. 

As I bid you farewell, for now and forever, 

your Mamacsm_131016waldmueller_01_c9170045b2


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