A Part Of Me

There’s a part of me that I have kept for you,
A part only left for you;
A part that is openhanded and dares to be true;
A part that suffers for you,

A part of me that knows how to love, to honor and to fame,
A part that shows my broken heart, your broken vows and all else left; some false claims.

To be forever and still the same,
This part has words the heart breaks to say;
Do you remember all those days?
When this part of me committed insanely altruistic acts for you;
All a little decorous, but true.

When you are old and grey and full of sleep,
you will remember this part of me which loved your moments of glad grace,
loved your beauty with false and true,
loved the pilgrim soul in you,
loved the sorrows of your changing voice; and hues of your face.

You will know that day this part of me was insane for you,
Insomniac since four, even after all the magic portions and brew;
You will know how I tried to beset this part with firey words, crying myself to sleep;
but it didn’t work and it didn’t vanish: not this part, not you,
And I sowed, sowed seeds of love, of adoration and of passion,
but what is that I reap?

Darling, I lost it all, did I?
Tell me I have lost the brawl,
but not this part that loves you,
That awaits you,
for now and forever..starry-night-over-the-rhone-by-vincent-van-gogh


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