imageRemember the times when you felt the warmth that the soil flowered,
Remember that warmth had a famed message for you.
A catchword, a remembrance, a token, an indication.
Remember how all of it left you soar, your Crimson cheeks and eyes filled with crystal like water.
Remember how you tried not to have a moment, not to cry, because after all, it was just a reminder.
But it lured you in, and you couldn’t resist.
Remember how moments ago, you were fine, interacting at a fine pace with the fine world you live in.
And then you felt the warmth, you felt like everyone is leaving you behind. A few killings there, a few wins here.
The world a complete hodgepodge.
Remember how you went through hundred different messages, all encapsulated condolences or congratulations.
And you didn’t know whom to answer first.
Remember how you felt then?
How for a split of an instance, you wanted to feel the soil beneath you, and validate your existence.
Remember how you felt? Forgotten and belittled.
Faking smiles for those who don’t smile for you now. Expecting from those who have nothing to give you now. Wandering in the past, holding onto the present, rummaging for answers in the same situations, in the same people.
Remember how in a second did you realise, that life was digressing you. Confusing your cerebellum, making you vulnerable to recurrence.
And you tried finding solace.
Remember how you wanted to move on? The way they did. Remember?
And then the reminder finally came.
Remember how you were tokened about your purpose here, about letting go and looking forward.
And you looked down, gazing at your feet; shaking and shuddering, wanting to hold back those tears again, wanting the past to let go off you, wanting the world to stop. To stop for a few seconds. Or maybe for it to remain static for a while longer. So you could find your solace, your tranquil.
Remember how confused and agitated you were with those more benign than you, those more aspiring than you. And all those you wanted to surpass and become better than. Remember all those?
Now do you remember the compassion the ground beneath you wanted to familiarise you with?
Now do you remember that what the warmth in that ground beneath you reminds you off?
I guess you do remember after all. But if you don’t, then remember your time is fluttering. Remember it won’t take long for them to leave you. Remember the voyage you’re making is about you, just you. Remember you’ve to make it, or the past will cease you. Remember all this, remember.


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