unnamedThe shades of night falling fast,
I had a dream of things that don’t last.
Of thoughts, made of scratch and worn,
of young minds battling the syncopating heartbeats all alone.

They knew not of what entangled them,
similar minds,
similar credos,
desires and beliefs, all akin.
So what is that troubles them?

They confess not,
thinking it’s too much, too little,
They profess not,
believing it will rot, it will brittle.

My eyes all of a sudden wide open,
lying around, leaning about.
Why are the shades of night falling fast?
Why doesn’t this love last?

I await a reply while I lie,
till then why not come and lie with me,
gaping the stars, thinking it’s our tale.
you and me, like a dream with no shortcomings, no ail.



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